2020 rides

Hoagy’s Heroes Insane Ride Week

June 24 - 27, 2020

Rides Available:

1000 mile Individual SS1K, 1500 Bun Burner <24hrs, 1500 Bun Burner Gold <24hrs , 12 Hr Themed Rally to name a few.


Event Schedule:

Tuesday, June 23

6:00 pm: Registration opens at the host hotel, informal riders meeting


Wednesday to Friday, June 23 to 26

12 Hr Rally  Group start at 6am sharp! on Friday and must be back by 6pm Friday

Riders depart in a group start style ride.

Many rides to choose from.  Pick your ride on Ridemaster when signing up.


Saturday, June 27

Check in at hotel with event staff.

10:00 am – 2:00 pm: turn in ride paperwork

3:00 pm: Designated driver shuttle picks up riders at hotel (NOTE: Hoagy’s Heroes does NOT supply alcohol. Guest who wish to consume alcohol must bring their own.)

4:00 pm: Dinner at the Heroes Haven

6:00 pm: Awards presented by Hoagy Carmichael


Register HERE!

This will begin your registration process. We use RIDEMASTER for our rides' registration process. Once you enter your email, an email will be sent to you with a link to continue your registration and payment options.

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Event Info

Dates: June 23-27

Host hotel: Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, 87 Jenkins Lane, Triadelphia, WV
Telephone: (304) 547-1380
Rate: + taxes per night (single or double occupancy)



12 HR Rally riders will receive ride directions via snail mail on thumb drive 3 weeks before the start of the ride. Please print your own copy of these directions to help keep our costs down.



12  Hr Rally - $50.00 rider / $40.00 passenger
 Includes rally flag, patch, rocker and Hoagy’s Heroes ride certificate

SS1000<24- $40 Rider / $40 Passenger.  Includes Patch, rocker and Hoagys Heroes ride certificate

BB1500<36-$40 Rider/ $40 Passenger. Includes Patch, rocker and Hoagys Heroes ride certificate

BBG1500<24-$40 Rider/ $40 Passenger. Includes Patch, rocker and Hoagys Heroes ride certificate

SS2000<48-$40 Rider/ $40 Passenger. Includes Patch, rocker and Hoagys Heroes ride certificate

SSG2000<36-$40 Rider/ $40 Passenger. Includes Patch, rocker and Hoagys Heroes ride certificate

SS3000<72-$40 Rider/ $40 Passenger. ncludes Patch, rocker and Hoagys Heroes ride certificate




IBA Certification: $45.00 for full IBA package (certificate/license plate backer/sticker)
$35.00 for IBA certificate only
(Passengers will receive a complementary IBA certificate)

** No IBA offering for 12 HR Rally **

For more info on IBA rules go to www.ironbutt.org

Dinner: cost is included for all riders and passengers, $15.00 for others
(For instance, if your wife did not ride with you, but wishes to participate in the dinner, it's $15 a head)

Limited Edition event t-shirts must be ordered by June 22, 2020 and will be distributed on the day of the ride.
Both short- and long-sleeve versions are available. Pricing is as follows:

Short sleeve: S-XL - $18.00, 2-4XL- $20.00
Long sleeve: S-XL - $23.00, 2-4XL- $25.00

There will be no re-ordering of event t-shirts for this ride. Standard Hoagy’s Heroes t-shirts available for purchase if you do not order a t-shirt before the deadline.



This is a charity ride! We are raising money for needed causes. You MUST have at least one sponsor to participate.
Each $100 collected will equal one tickets in the prize drawing.
Example: a $300 sponsorship is equal to 3 tickets in the prize drawing.

Hoagy’s Heroes is a registered 501(c)(3) organization – registration number is available upon request.