How it all started!

Since 2004 under the dedicated drive and passion of Robert “Hoagy” Carmichael, we have organized annual long distance motorcycle rides to raise money for children’s charities. Each year, our goal is to increase the number of riders and monies collected for the benefit of the charities Hoagy’s Heroes, Inc. sponsors.

Hoagy’s Heroes has set several Iron Butt Association (IBA) records for the largest number of bikers to participate in a single Iron Butt ride. In 2013, Hoagy’s Heroes, Inc. became American Motorcycle Association (AMA) sanctioned. Hoagy’s Heroes riders have raised tens-of-thousands of dollars in pledges for A Special Wish Foundation. Each rider is asked to submit a donation to participate in a ride and is also encouraged to solicit as many sponsors as possible to raise funds for designated charities. The number of riders has increased each year and we hope to see this trend continue.

The true Heroes are the kids who have been diagnosed as having life-threatening disorders, those born with autism, and ones who have lost a parent who was serving Our Country. Hoagy’s Heroes is committed to raising funds to allow others enjoy the wonderful things many of us take for granted. We are proud that over the past 10 years we have helped many kids realize their dreams.

"Your pledges make more dreams and special wishes come true."

Hoagy’s Heroes riders have also raised several thousand dollars in pledges for the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund. We are giving back to those whose parents have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, our freedom and our safety. God Bless Our Troops.

To date, Hoagy’s Heroes have raised over $287,187.00 in pledges for the charities they support and have travelled over 1,225,351 miles of smiles. These rides would not be possible without the magnificent support of volunteers. The all volunteer Hoagy’s Heroes staff spend countless hours planning and organizing each ride, while dozens of event day volunteers provide essential support at the beginning and end of each ride. In the past, these event day volunteers have included veterans, staff of local motorcycle dealerships, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, members of civic organizations, and spouses and friends of many participants in the rides.

"How often do you get to do something in life that you love and at the same time, go for a world's record while raising monies for worthwhile charities?"
- Robert "Hoagy" Carmichael

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